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Audi A8 Fourth Generation Now has Hybrid Model

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Reconditioned Audi A8 engines
Posted on 8 Sep 20

Each wheel suspension manages things separately so better ride quality is offered Limo is expected to be an ultra-luxury vehicle with best tech features and Audi A8 new model meet these standards well. Inclusion of a hybrid model has made it harder for buyers to look at other options. Mercedes Benz S class excellence is […]

Audi A8- the King of Audi’s Luxury Saloon

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Audi A8
Posted on 8 Apr 19

Audi A8 looks much more acceptable than 5 Series GT, backed with the interior that’s nicely trimmed and tech-laden as you’d expect from any BMW The list would be incomplete without placing Audi if we spend a moment just counting the most popular automakers around the world. And that’s for a reason and that’s Audi […]

Shocking! VW Kept on Selling New Cars with Defeat Devices in the UK

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Posted on 8 Oct 15

VW Group Kept on Selling New Cars Even After the Diesel Gate Scandal Volkswagen has admitted that it was still selling new cars in the UK fitted with “defeat devices” to cheat diesel emissions tests even after US authorities uncovered the scandal. The latest revelation piles pressure on the German carmaker and adds insult to […]

Audi’s Jaw Dropping Prologue Concept Reviewed

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Posted on 25 Nov 14

Audi presents its footprint for future models with the new Prologue concept   Audi unveiled a concept car at the LA motor show and the Audi Prologue concept serves as a fascinating insight into where Audi as a brand is headed. The advanced technology and innovative design speak of a car manufacturer full of confidence […]

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