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New VW Golf TCR Racer Becomes Official GTI Family Member

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Posted on 15 Mar 16

It took nine months for this concept to become the official member of GTI family but it had to be rebadged, THE GTI TCR What’s the GTI TCR? The main difference between a road-going and racer Golf is, “Gran Turismo Injection”, aka GTI. This new one here is the seventh generation of it since its […]

Ford C-MAX – Head of the pack

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Ford C-MAX 2015
Posted on 5 Jan 16

The second generation Ford C-Max has received improvements that will make it best for family buyers   What is it? C-Max is the new compact MPV from Ford which isn’t big enough that it is hard to manoeuvre around city streets but isn’t that small that it won’t accommodate family and their luggage. Powered by […]

Will the New S-Max 2015 Engine Series Beat its Rivals?

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Posted on 3 Nov 15

The New S-MAX has powerful diesel engine and turbo petrol engine with various outputs   The S-MAX gave a new meaning to MPV when it first came out as the first-generation had stunning and striking style. In addition to that, the seven seater Ford S-MAX won the hearts and minds of motorists in UK because of […]

Prangs While Parking is High in Europe Than UK

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Parking Damage
Posted on 30 Apr 15

  Every third of the European neighbours of UK have had parking accidents, where Italian parking spaces are worst in the town   When someone had a car in Europe or UK he definitely requires a parking place for the car. But it is very obvious that a car owner have had an accident while […]

The Red Vapor Is Here

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Jeep Cherokee
Posted on 30 Jan 15

Grand Cherokee is now dubbed SRT Red Vapor which will go on sale next month The standard Grand Cherokee SRT is powered by the magnificent 6.4-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine and this is the same engine that will power all-new Grand Cherokee dubbed SRT Red Vapor. This powerful engine will be churning out 461bhp paired […]

Suzuki to Introduce a Glut of New Models

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Posted on 28 Nov 14

  Suzuki confirms six new models by next three years including rivals to current city cars   Suzuki has announced that Japanese automaker has sold 37,000 units in previous three years, however their sales have been increased by 85% in last three years where the previous sales volume was 20,000 units. All this growth has […]

Volkswagen Says Japan Would Be the Only Place for Fuel Cell Vehicles

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FCV and VW
Posted on 15 Sep 14

  The development of controlled fuel cells has still a long way to go and it doesn’t seem to get any better any time soon, says Volkswagen It is not the thing of past when everybody was talking about the alternative energy sources for the trucks, cars and the buses as they won’t run on […]

Ferrari 458 Speciale Records Its First Crash

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Crashed
Posted on 16 Jun 14

Ever since the Ferrari 458 Speciale has been made, this crash is believed to be the first incident recorded.   Almost every one of us has dreamt, at least once, in our life to have a Ferrari 458 Speciale in our driveway. We can’t possibly imagine having even a scratch on it, but one unfortunate […]

After Onyx, Exalt Concept is Here to Drive Your Imagination Wild

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Peugeot Exalt
Posted on 6 May 14

Peugeot has been into good graces by producing some real smart and smaller models that are somewhat attractive and lightweight like the 208 and 308 and proved to be very successful. Most of its other model range is not very popular and the facelifts too aren’t good enough, their production cars are not great but […]

Trion Nemesis – America’s Next Supercar Gets A 2000hp Engine

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Trion Nemesis 2000hp
Posted on 29 Apr 14

Next generation Nemesis will be powered by a mighty 2000-hp V8 engine and it is about to be launched     Supercars are fascinating us for quite some time now, offering power, speed and extraordinary drive experience. This segment has a great potential and a lot of work can be done here, exploring this potential […]

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