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New VW Golf TCR Racer Becomes Official GTI Family Member

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Posted on 15 Mar 16

It took nine months for this concept to become the official member of GTI family but it had to be rebadged, THE GTI TCR What’s the GTI TCR? The main difference between a road-going and racer Golf is, “Gran Turismo Injection”, aka GTI. This new one here is the seventh generation of it since its […]

Ford C-MAX – Head of the pack

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Ford C-MAX 2015
Posted on 5 Jan 16

The second generation Ford C-Max has received improvements that will make it best for family buyers   What is it? C-Max is the new compact MPV from Ford which isn’t big enough that it is hard to manoeuvre around city streets but isn’t that small that it won’t accommodate family and their luggage. Powered by […]

What is So Good about Direct Injection Petrol Engines?

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Posted on 10 Dec 15

The Direct Injection has become the foremost choice of automakers for petrol powered models.   The direction-injection petrol engine also describes as a gasoline-direct injection (GDI) or simply the DI, the technology has revolutionized the petrol engine in many ways. It offers great benefits and has significant advantages over the traditional indirect injection petrol engines. […]

Autonomous Car – Will They Become Reality?

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Posted on 3 Aug 15

  Many have their doubts over driverless cars becoming a reality. Are they right in …? … Thinking that the autonomous technology is flawless and has evolved into an adoptable state. Or there are actually flaws in the technology after all? Let’s have a look.   For now, the driverless technology isn’t good enough   […]

Volvo’s Self-Filling Car Will Get the Fuel Itself

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Self Fuling system
Posted on 9 Feb 15

Volvo’s self-filling car will never run out of fuel because it will alert the mobile suppliers to top up when running low   Volvo has hinted that they are about to develop a new series of self-filling cars whenever it goes close to empty. A text message will be sent to the mobile fuel suppliers […]

Suzuki to Introduce a Glut of New Models

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Posted on 28 Nov 14

  Suzuki confirms six new models by next three years including rivals to current city cars   Suzuki has announced that Japanese automaker has sold 37,000 units in previous three years, however their sales have been increased by 85% in last three years where the previous sales volume was 20,000 units. All this growth has […]

Meet the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Guard Armoured Limousine

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Mercedes-Benz S-Guard
Posted on 6 Aug 14

Mercedes-Benz Reveals S-Class S-Guard, capable to Withstand Attack from Bullets, Grenades and Gases. So, feel safe if you are planning on visiting battle field   It is the latest Guard Armoured Vehicle from Mercedes-Benz and placed above the ML-based M-Guard, G-Class and G-Guard, the new S-Class is the toughest and safest Mercedes yet with the […]

5 Cool Things About the Volkswagen GTI

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Volkswagen GTI Performance
Posted on 22 Jul 14

Volkswagen GTI 2015 has arrived in the market and local roads and if you are one of those who love the GTI then you will keep your eyes open to see the GTI in action at local roads, car shows and events. If get a chance to drive the beauty and inspect in person, you […]

What If the Roads Get Solar Panels Fitted On

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Solar Panel on Road
Posted on 26 May 14

To eliminate the concern of loosing land to create solar farms, new solution is to use roads to fit in solar panels, U.S. would be the first to get it done   The world is trying to harvest energy from every possible known source, their elements may vary but the purpose stays the same. Solar […]

Why Rolls Royce Is Considering An All-Electric Vehicle

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Rolls-Royce Phantom 102EX
Posted on 21 May 14

If that’s what our customers want, they will get it, says Rolls-Royce   Rolls-Royce is the name of ultimate luxury and state-of-the-art technology, with supreme engines and excellent interior; there is nothing that would not make you fall in love with it. As the world is looking for efficient and eco-friendly energy sources, hybrids are […]

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