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Touareg, the Most Stylish and Updated SUV Presented by the Reliable Manufacturer Volkswagen

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Volkswagen Touareg Engines Replacement
Posted on 26 Jan 21

Powerful diesel variant overtakes on the motorway and hauls loaded Touareg without producing noise of the engine SUV from Volkswagen is nicely equipped. It has been named Touareg, though bit odd but pleasant appearance quite alluring. The decent modern exterior has wide grill touching headlamps and matching bigger wheels. The roof is bit slanting from […]

Ford C-MAX – Head of the pack

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Ford C-MAX 2015
Posted on 5 Jan 16

The second generation Ford C-Max has received improvements that will make it best for family buyers   What is it? C-Max is the new compact MPV from Ford which isn’t big enough that it is hard to manoeuvre around city streets but isn’t that small that it won’t accommodate family and their luggage. Powered by […]

All is Fair in Love and War!

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VW Bad days
Posted on 10 Oct 15

  The Ford Motors and the Fiat Chrysler offer incentives to trade-in to unhappy VW customers in Italy.   Ford Motor Co and Fiat, Chrysler automobiles have started “incentive scheme” in Italy. According to details, both of the automobile giants have offered an incentive for buying new models from them to VW owners with the […]

Shocking! VW Kept on Selling New Cars with Defeat Devices in the UK

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Posted on 8 Oct 15

VW Group Kept on Selling New Cars Even After the Diesel Gate Scandal Volkswagen has admitted that it was still selling new cars in the UK fitted with “defeat devices” to cheat diesel emissions tests even after US authorities uncovered the scandal. The latest revelation piles pressure on the German carmaker and adds insult to […]

VW Golf R 400 Directed for Production

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VW Golf R 400
Posted on 13 Nov 14

Volkswagen Golf R 400 finally set for production with the most powerful engine   Volkswagen Golf R 400 was introduced as a concept at Beijing Motor Show earlier this year. This concept is based on the already existing Golf R, but has undergone some hefty and muscular features to make it more potent. Initially, the […]

Volkswagen Says Japan Would Be the Only Place for Fuel Cell Vehicles

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FCV and VW
Posted on 15 Sep 14

  The development of controlled fuel cells has still a long way to go and it doesn’t seem to get any better any time soon, says Volkswagen It is not the thing of past when everybody was talking about the alternative energy sources for the trucks, cars and the buses as they won’t run on […]

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