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How BMW X7 will Perform with 6-Cylinder Engines?

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BMW X7 SUV 2015
Posted on 9 Apr 16

Giant new BMW X7 SUV comes up with luxurious style and delivers the six-cylinder engines The new BMW X7 luxury SUV respectively decided to come in 2018 with extremely beautiful design, presenting something special for the fans of BMW. The engine of the X7 SUV The X7 engines will respectively buck the European trend for […]

New VW Golf TCR Racer Becomes Official GTI Family Member

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Posted on 15 Mar 16

It took nine months for this concept to become the official member of GTI family but it had to be rebadged, THE GTI TCR What’s the GTI TCR? The main difference between a road-going and racer Golf is, “Gran Turismo Injection”, aka GTI. This new one here is the seventh generation of it since its […]

Suzuki Swift SZ-L Special Edition Revealed

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Suzuki Swift SZ-L
Posted on 11 Feb 16

Suzuki Swift SZ-L comes back to the lineup and now it is offering refined engines and cruise control feature  The car’s line-up has added the Suzuki Swift SZ-L special edition trim once again. The last time limited edition top-spec revealed its availability in 2014, but now with the trim down prices. The Swift has a 93bhp […]

Ford C-MAX – Head of the pack

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Ford C-MAX 2015
Posted on 5 Jan 16

The second generation Ford C-Max has received improvements that will make it best for family buyers   What is it? C-Max is the new compact MPV from Ford which isn’t big enough that it is hard to manoeuvre around city streets but isn’t that small that it won’t accommodate family and their luggage. Powered by […]

What is So Good about Direct Injection Petrol Engines?

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Posted on 10 Dec 15

The Direct Injection has become the foremost choice of automakers for petrol powered models.   The direction-injection petrol engine also describes as a gasoline-direct injection (GDI) or simply the DI, the technology has revolutionized the petrol engine in many ways. It offers great benefits and has significant advantages over the traditional indirect injection petrol engines. […]

VW Golf R 400 Directed for Production

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VW Golf R 400
Posted on 13 Nov 14

Volkswagen Golf R 400 finally set for production with the most powerful engine   Volkswagen Golf R 400 was introduced as a concept at Beijing Motor Show earlier this year. This concept is based on the already existing Golf R, but has undergone some hefty and muscular features to make it more potent. Initially, the […]

Vauxhall Corsa Gets Some Mild Styling for 2015

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Vauxhall Corsa 2015
Posted on 15 Oct 14

Vauxhall Corsa 2015 takes big step forward in performance, refinement, and efficiency even for lower prices   The revised all new Vauxhall Corsa really does shine while you are driving it even with the 1.0 Litre Vauxhall engine that gives the Corsa a new lease of life. The all new Corsa gets massive improvements from […]

5 Cool Things About the Volkswagen GTI

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Volkswagen GTI Performance
Posted on 22 Jul 14

Volkswagen GTI 2015 has arrived in the market and local roads and if you are one of those who love the GTI then you will keep your eyes open to see the GTI in action at local roads, car shows and events. If get a chance to drive the beauty and inspect in person, you […]

Range Rover Sport Will Show Its 543 Horses At Goodwood

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Range Rover Sport
Posted on 30 Jun 14

Known as the fastest and most powerful production car by Land Rover, Range Rover Sport will be showing what it’s capable of doing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed   The Goodwood Festival of Speed is going to be the venue where we are going to behold the Range Rover Sport make its debut. This […]

What Does World’s First Ferrari Truck Look Like?

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The Ferrari 412 Truck Wood Panel
Posted on 28 May 14

If you ask anyone of having seen a Ferrari truck, the answer would definitely be: “Are you crazy or what? Ferrari does not make trucks.” Yes true, but no! It did happen recently, where? Find out‼ Could you recall of seeing any Ferrari truck ever? Or let’s just ask anyone out there whether they have […]

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