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Skoda Octavia, A tremendous big size hatchback

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Skoda Octavia
Posted on 23 May 17

Even the entry level, small engine power is great to experience A good alternative to Volkswagen Golf has been presented to the buyers in shape of Skoda Octavia. It is spacious, good engines that cost you less and a number of features in the cabin. Boot space is also greater in comparison with leaders in […]

Shocking! VW Kept on Selling New Cars with Defeat Devices in the UK

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Posted on 8 Oct 15

VW Group Kept on Selling New Cars Even After the Diesel Gate Scandal Volkswagen has admitted that it was still selling new cars in the UK fitted with “defeat devices” to cheat diesel emissions tests even after US authorities uncovered the scandal. The latest revelation piles pressure on the German carmaker and adds insult to […]

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