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All is Fair in Love and War!

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VW Bad days
Posted on 10 Oct 15

  The Ford Motors and the Fiat Chrysler offer incentives to trade-in to unhappy VW customers in Italy.   Ford Motor Co and Fiat, Chrysler automobiles have started “incentive scheme” in Italy. According to details, both of the automobile giants have offered an incentive for buying new models from them to VW owners with the […]

The Red Vapor Is Here

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Jeep Cherokee
Posted on 30 Jan 15

Grand Cherokee is now dubbed SRT Red Vapor which will go on sale next month The standard Grand Cherokee SRT is powered by the magnificent 6.4-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine and this is the same engine that will power all-new Grand Cherokee dubbed SRT Red Vapor. This powerful engine will be churning out 461bhp paired […]

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