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Meet the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Guard Armoured Limousine

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Mercedes-Benz S-Guard
Posted on 6 Aug 14

Mercedes-Benz Reveals S-Class S-Guard, capable to Withstand Attack from Bullets, Grenades and Gases. So, feel safe if you are planning on visiting battle field


It is the latest Guard Armoured Vehicle from Mercedes-Benz and placed above the ML-based M-Guard, G-Class and G-Guard, the new S-Class is the toughest and safest Mercedes yet with the G-Guard. It is very powerful vehicle that has 523bhp twin turbo V12 Mercedes engine. The new S600 is transformed into bulletproof presidential transport at the Sindelfingen production facility in Germany. It is 100 per cent hand built Mercedes to ensure the utmost strength and toughness against any armoured threat.

The body shell of this beauty is built with careful engineering; reinforced with double plated welds and seams. It is fully sealed with compressed seals to safeguard the interior from any gas threat outside. Armour plating is so unique that it actually gives the toughness and bullet proof ability to the car. This Mercedes-Benz S-Class S600 is the only V9R rating car in the world that is capable of withstanding any grenade attack, mines, or bullets and has the strength to bear deadly attacks. It is very unique and yet very similar to local vehicles at the same time. Armour covers the entire under body shell area for the first time in any vehicle. The fuel tank of the G-Guard is replaced with a self sealing fuel cell that has the ability to absorb the shock waves from external explosions, and in the case of ruptures, it can heal itself to prevent the fuel leakage.


It’s just not the body of car that has serious toughness, but the windshield and other glasses are also unique where windshield is replaced with a 10mm thick reinforced glass that can stop any bullet and change it direction too. Same features are used in the side and rear windows and some best sheets of carbon fibre are used in the flooring. After wearing the armour suite, S600 has doubled its weight but nonetheless, it is one master piece that the world will adore for quite some time.

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