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Trion Nemesis – America’s Next Supercar Gets A 2000hp Engine

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Trion Nemesis 2000hp
Posted on 29 Apr 14

Next generation Nemesis will be powered by a mighty 2000-hp V8 engine and it is about to be launched



Supercars are fascinating us for quite some time now, offering power, speed and extraordinary drive experience. This segment has a great potential and a lot of work can be done here, exploring this potential there is a new name, Trion Supercars. A next generation supercar – Nemesis – powered by a mighty 2000-hp V8 engine is about to be launched very soon.


A highly experienced team of automotive professionals head by Richard Patterson is working to bring this dream of his to life; this driver-oriented sportscar is aiming the richest people in the world at this time. Patterson is hoping that his company will soon become the Nemesis of the Europeans.





The Nemesis will be using an eight-speed sequential gearbox, a twin-turbo V8 engine packed with mighty 2,000-horsepower. When this car will be ready, it is hoped to be the world’s fastest car, it is also believed that this car will reach a top speed of 270 mph and could hit 0-60 miles per hour in about 2.8 seconds.


For the sake of argument, let’s assume everything said about this cars actually does happens, what will happen then? One thing is for sure, this newcomer will become the strongest contestant against current heavyweight champions like the legendary Koenigsegg Agera One and the Hennessey Venom GT.   At this time all of these figures are nothing more than speculation until unless it hits the roads in real time.


The company says it will test a prototype this year and hope to begin its sales in the mid of next year and the starting price would most probably be around $1 million for each master-piece. It will be using the carbon fibre for body, a digital screen for internet connectivity and display the gauges on digital panels.


To make this beast even more aggressive, the company plans to rig it with a Predator Mode; when engaged, it will modify exhaust and rev limits, interior lighting, ride height and suspension tuning.

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