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After Onyx, Exalt Concept is Here to Drive Your Imagination Wild

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Peugeot Exalt
Posted on 6 May 14

Peugeot has been into good graces by producing some real smart and smaller models that are somewhat attractive and lightweight like the 208 and 308 and proved to be very successful. Most of its other model range is not very popular and the facelifts too aren’t good enough, their production cars are not great but when it comes to the concept cars, they sure do know what and how to do it. After the Onyx, comes their one of the best concept of all times – the Exalt. Peugeot is planning to reveal this super sexy concept in front of public at the Beijing Auto Show.

To give it a look of sporty and moody, hood is sculpted in a manner that it forms a brow over very compact and stylish headlamps. The finish of the sheet metal is – without any question – superbly done whereas the side crease gives the impression of being stamped on rather than hand formed. The main difference between Onyx concept and the Exalt concept is: Onyx was made from hand beaten copper whereas the Exalt is made from steel. What both cars have in common is: their surface has been left unprotected so they can gain a certain gleam over the time.


This concept is different at so many levels like the engine is a Hybrid4 system – for those who do not know the term, it is a combination of electric motor and usual Peugeot engine – with a combined output of 250 kW (340 PS). Peugeot has given a press statement over the internet, stating that they used “an efficient textile shark skin and association of crude steel”, the inspiration came from the structure of shark skin. This skin structure will improve fuel efficiency and aerodynamics. This model features a new black light system which is designed especially to improve visibility in low light conditions such as at dawn and dusk.

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