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Alfa Romeo 4C Returns to United States at New York Auto Show 2014

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Alfa-Romeo-4C 2014
Posted on 22 Apr 14

For more than 19 years American waited for Alfa Romeo and it made its comeback with 4C


It was 19 years ago when the last transport carrying a bulk load of unsold 164s departed the New York dock, then an executive said: “We will return next year!” Well it did return to the shores of New York at last, but after long, very long years of wait.


The Alfa Romeo 4C has the honour to be the bearer of good news and a reintroduction of the brand long waited in the U.S. and the venue is New York Auto Show 2014. This Italian beauty invokes the passion for driving with rear wheel driving strategy that will, hopefully, help Alfa Romeo to get good number of sales in the Europe. After years of research and experiments, finally, 4C is developed and which encompasses beauty and brains all together and undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful Italians ever to touch the soil of States.





There will be 500 vehicles available as the Launch Edition 4Cs’ each of which will be having its own individually numbered badge. You will have the choice of engines  and colours to get any of your choice as long as they fall in shades of white or red. It will also have matching carbon fibre mirrors, spoiler and a race exhaust that will make your heart throb faster. On carbon fibre chassis, it has Sports suspension and custom tuned shock absorbers and sway bars.


As the airbag and crash test requirements are different in America along with the comfort and taste requirements, Americans will not be able to enjoy the lightness added in the European models. Alfa Romeo will offer one-piece head lamps, and most probably convertible model, in the States. The price will start from £32,000 and climb to £41,660 as the specs get higher.

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