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BMW 116i Shows More Potential Than it is Priced

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BMW 116i Hatchback
Posted on 11 Jun 19

Kicking off 1 series in a refined and a proper BMW way

BMW sure knows how to produce cars not only for the ones who can afford the bigger ones with many things that come along. But this brand offers something for the ones who cannot pay much to own a car. The trend has grown in the past few years and the top expensive brands these days take care of the need.

There are loyal buyers of BMW around the world and they want to own it for many bases. BMW 116i is one of such products which allow having the flare by paying less. It has bits of everything in it to make a complete BMW but has an open mind while analysing it as after all this is the seed and the rest of that big tree of BMW 1 series follows with other trims.

The exterior is amazing giving the peculiar feel of sporty nature. The interior is ready to accommodate families as well as the bachelors. This is a complete driver’s car with adventurous as well as peaceful move around. BMW engines are one of the finest and are available in the market without a hassle.

If you are after an even more affordable deal then used BMW 116i engines will give you a worth considering the choice. To get the most out of it you may also get the BMW 116i engines supply and fitting at the same place.

The smaller engine but refined as any other

The entry levels 118i and 116i both get a 1.6-litre unit. This is different from what is present usually in BMW sedans but it does not fail. It has a 134 bhp output in 116i with direct injection. There is a 220 Nm of torque associated with it showing its power at 1350 rpm.

This is a twin-scroll four-cylinder turbo engine. This model is a rear wheel drive which is associated with a six-speed manual transmission. There is an optional eight-speed automatic transmission present which is more alluring to get a taste of more refinement.

But the ones who want to stick with the manual one are not at all at mistake either as it has the smooth shifting people want to have from a leading brand. Changing gears in 116i is not a hard thing to achieve as there is a proper placing of everything in this hatchback which aids the action the most. As the original reconditioned BMW 116i engines are as good if purchased from the right place.

The baby car handles well for its value

There is not much to boost but to appreciate the engineering and mechanic fine-tuning installed in this car. The modes change the way steering wheel reacts on the road. The Eco mode makes the car light and the uptown driving plus parking gets smooth.

The Sport mode brings back the heaviness and direct responses extracting even more power from the engine. This one is fit for enthusiastic drivers. The toque delivers well even in lower gears not losing power and missing the charm even over here.

This is not a sports car in the true sense but things that combine together to deliver make this one an engaging ride. The 7000 rpm highest limit is reached with less effort and still, the economy was not disturbed at any point.

The engine remains quiet in even the hard pushes and there is a lot of ability in it to reach the desired speed without many gear changes. The drive in twisty roads is also balanced without making things rough for the balancing factor. The quick responses from the engine and steering wheel make a fine recipe.

Interior offers the luxury in its own way

There is the element of different and fresh in the 1 series and 116i depicts the same. The seats have definite support at the front while at the back they are comfortable. The space at the front is good enough while at the back and especially for the middle seat occupier problem for the leg room is there.

But the thing is the purpose for which you are buying it. If space is a problem than buying a 5 series or so would be a good idea. There is a 6.5-inch colour screen available in throughout the 1 series. There is also a proper safety gadget present on board as standard to kick out any doubts for protection.

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