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Ford Mondeo is the best among the British brands

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Ford Mondeo
Posted on 15 Mar 17

With good interior, efficient engines and practicality, Mondeo is a live option for the customers

Ford Mondeo is a big family hatchback with lot of practicality

In hatchback family there is lot of variety we have in the market. Some of them are good and feasible for a big family. The new Ford Mondeo is one of them with good interior space and practicality. The new built, design and look are eye-catchy. Mondeo is a comfortable choice with low running cost engine range. It is not expensive as its dear rivals such as the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 are so reasonable approach for a serious buyer. There are some more competent rivals available in the market such as VW Passat and the Mazda 6 but this family hatchback has its place.

Interior is of good material and features are efficient in response

As far as the interior is concerned the Ford Mondeo offers a good, comfortable and fine interior to its customers with lot of hi-tech equipments and features. The seats are in good position with soft and fine leather coverings, give relaxed sitting experience. The steering-wheel is of good weight gives good and handy grip and control. The soft-touch instrument panel is efficient in performance. The infotainment system offered by the Ford Mondeo is good and responsive than before. The sat-nav system is awesome. The new Ford Mondeo is with far better interior material and features than its predecessors.

The engine lineup of Ford Mondeo is smart enough

The Ford Mondeo hatchback offers a good variety of powerful diesel engines and efficient petrol engines. Ford Mondeo hatchback is a big car with wide and spacious interior along with efficient engines under its bonnet, well supportive to this heavy, classy and stylish car.

Diesel engines are frugal and economical

The Ford Mondeo offers good and efficient diesel engines, not only good in performance but economical also. Mondeo Diesel engines are considered as best due to their overall good performance.

The 1.6litre TDCi EcoNetic diesel engine with different outputs

The diesel engine range starts with 1.5litre TDCi ECOnetic engine which is capable of 118bhp and 199lb/ft torque. It is four-cylinder and eight-valve diesel engine with good fuel average of 78m/g with just 94g/km of CO2 emissions. It is not brisk in performance and takes 11.3 seconds to get from 0-62m/h. The top speed of this diesel engine is 120m/h. It is equipped with six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive system as standard. The 113bhp version takes 11.7 seconds to complete 0-62m/h with 119m/h top speed.

The 2.0 litre EcoNetic diesel engine

This diesel engine is capable of 147bhp and 258lb/ft torque. It is a powerful engine that takes 9.1 seconds to get from 0-62m/h with top speed of 134m/h. The fuel consumption is impressive with that sprint and top speed. It offers 68m/g of fuel average with 107g/km of CO2 emissions.

The 2.0litre TSi diesel engine

The TSi diesel engine technology is good in sprint and speed. This unit is of 177bhp and 295lb/ft torque. It takes 8.0 seconds to get from0-62m/h with top speed of 140m/h. the fuel consumption is very economical and efficient with62m/g and CO2 emissions are 117g/km. It is fitted with six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive unit as standard with six-speed automatic transmission optional.

The 2.0litre TDCi diesel engine with 207bhp

This is the fastest diesel engine in the whole diesel range. It is available in 207bhp and 332lb/ft torque, a massive combination of power and pull. It takes 7.5 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h with top speed of 145m/h. This diesel engine is fitted with six-speed Power shift automatic gearbox and front-wheel drive system as standard. It gives 56m/g of fuel average with 130g/km of CO2 emissions. This combination is considered as the best of Ford Mondeo.

The petrol engine lineup is efficient and progressive

The petrol engine lineup is efficient in performance and also economical in fuel consumption. The EcoBoost technology is used in the petrol engine lineup of Ford Mondeo that is impressive in performance.

The 1.0litre EcoBoost petrol engine

This petrol version is capable of 123bhp and 125lb/ft torque.  It takes 11.6 seconds to get from 0-62m/h with good top speed of 124m/h. The fuel consumption of this three-cylinder engine is very economical. It gives 55m/g of fuel average with 119g/km of CO2 emissions. It is available with six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive system as standard.

The 1.5litre EcoBoost petrol engine

This petrol version is packed with 157bhp and 177lb/ft torque. It takes 8.8 seconds to get from 0-62m/h with top speed of 134m/h. it is a powerful petrol engine and fitted with six-speed automatic gearbox and front-wheel drive system. The fuel average is 44m/g and CO2 emissions of this four-cylinder engine are 148g/km. 

The 2.0litre EcoBoost petrol engine with 236bhp

The fastest version in petrol engines is a 2.0litre EcoBoost with 236bhp and 251lb/ft torque. It takes 7.6 seconds to reach from0-62m/h. The top speed of this engine is 149m/h. It is equipped with six-speed automatic gearbox and front-wheel drive assembly. This mechanical combination gives 38m/g of fuel average with 171g/km of co2 emissions.

Safety and reliability of Ford Mondeo is up to the standard

The Ford Mondeo is an efficient hatchback with good and sporty interior. The new Mondeo is lighter and stronger than its previous models means offer good protection to its occupants. Though it is not tested by Euro NCAP, but the manufacturer is well satisfied by his effort about its safety and reliability.

The Ford Mondeo is available with all necessary safety measures, features and equipments such as  airbags as standard with side-wall curtains, pedestrian detection system at the speed of 35m/h, automatic collision control system, adaptive cruise control with speed limiter, blind spot warning system, anti-lock braking system, lane departure warning system and day-time running LED headlights. The Ford has used advanced automatic stability control in this hatchback to prevent it from any severe incident.

Practicality and boot space are also good in performance

The latest Ford Mondeo is bigger in size than before. It offers a spacious interior with lot of practicality. The seating arrangement is good with plenty of room spare. The driver seat is with 10 different adjustments offers best driving position. There is enough leg and head room at front and at rear. Steering-wheel is also with adjustments. The boot space is 541-litres. The noticeable thing is its opening that is very low and wide, giving excellent position for easy loading and unloading.

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