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Jaguar XF Comes with 2.0-Litre Ingenium Engines for Efficiency and Economy

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Jaguar XF
Posted on 10 Dec 18

Jaguar sets standards in the saloon segment with its executive saloon

Jaguar develops the XF executive saloons in the UK with newly developed Ingenium engines. Jaguar XF engines are the least expensive and ultra-fuel economical with 2.0-litre displacement.

When it comes to the executive saloon cars in the UK, Jaguar delivers ultimate performance and excellent fuel economy. The XF saloon has been in business for many years now and it gives a number of surprises to the buyers with its performance and efficiency.

New Jaguar XF has arrived in the UK market with a number of rivals at the same time. Where Mercedes E-class and BMW 5 series has given the XF a strong competition since its launch. The E-class quickly turns up after the introduction of the XF and improved its overall performance and styling to beat the XF competition.

All the way from Germany, BMW came after Mercedes with its 5 series executive saloon and create even tougher grounds for the XF in the UK. But apart from all the competition in the UK market, the XF is still an excellent vehicle to buy and it ticks all the right boxes on the favourite features list of a buyer.

New XF is An Excellent Choice

If you are particularly after an executive saloon then buy an XF 2.0-litre diesel engine, the new XF executive saloon is a pleasant alternative to any of the top class luxury executive saloons in the UK market and for now, tops the saloon class.

The new XF looks like a stretched XE, however, this all-new aluminium based model is even better than its smaller brother.

Interior Details

The cabin comfort is exclusively excellent and there is a good blockage of wind and road noise coming inside the vehicle. The 2.0-litre diesel engine is powerful and shows its abilities on the motorway speed and even in the city traffic.

It never gives an impression of being a less powerful and jiggled at low speeds. The Jaguar floats on the road quietly and calmly. It passes through a number of potholes and on the bad conditioned UK roads.

The reconditioned Jaguar XF engines supply and fit services are available in the UK as now there are hundreds of Jaguar specialists who deal in Jaguar engines servicing and repairs and the majority of them are approved servicing technicians of Jaguar and Land Rover.

So far now, the all-new Ingenium engines are leading the Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles across the ranges and they are available on only 2.0-litre versions. These are the only engines which Land Rover produces itself otherwise, the majority of the engines were being outsourced from other manufacturers.

Engine Specs

The place where the XF 2.0-litre model is at variance is the six-cylinder engine in its low running costs. Go for the 161bhp version with a manual transmission, and in addition, you’ll get the potential of CO2 emissions of simply 104g/km and a claimed fuel economy of way over 70 miles per gallon.

The exclusively amazing 178bhp version of the Ingenium engine based here emits 114g/km and returns over 65 miles per gallon of fuel economy – it is closely similar to a BMW 520d’s figures, however relatively higher than an Audi A6 2.0-TDI engine figures.

Ultra-efficient Ingenium Engines

There’s also Jaguar’s totally-praised 2.0-litre Jaguar XF diesel engine leads the XF from under the bonnet. It’s an all-new Ingenium 4-cylinder diesel engine which has been produced at JLR’s engine manufacturing plant, first time introduced in the smaller XE and is being offered in the equal choices of 161bhp or 178bhp power outputs.

Here we try the extra powerful variation in racy R-sport guise. It’s a bit of angry by using now, however, revs considerately and is suitably muscular, responding quickly to a moderate jab of the throttle.

This feel of typical acceleration has countless pleasure when passes the eight-speed automatic transmission. In auto mode, it offers delicate shifts and eagerly responds to the throttle push.

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