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MINI Cooper S, The Most Reliable Vehicle in the Automotive Industry

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Reconditioned MINI Cooper S engines for sale
Posted on 19 Aug 19

These vehicles are bigger than usual MINIs but still not big enough to beat the tag of small cars

The limited edition of just five hundred units MINI Cooper S is now launched to celebrate three scores of the brand. MINI, as the name suggests, is a small vehicle but offers the great driving experience to the people holding the steering wheel of the vehicle. The special edition is different and to know how different it is in its features one has to go through the following lines.

MINI Cooper S engines have come up with enhanced torque so more thrill while moving it around and pushing speed pedal. These vehicles are bigger than usual MINIs but still not big enough to beat the tag of small cars. Yes, you have to pay extra for the special edition and it is due to a limited number of vehicles.

Over the years it has changed a lot but still possesses much flair of the original brand. Reconditioned MINI Cooper S engines for sale are available to be fitted in cars having problematic power units.

This MINI Cooper S replacement engines job is done with great expertise so that the best possible results can be achieved. Customers get a cheap alternative for their vehicles and want it to perform it well.

It has a turbocharged petrol engine of 2.0-litre

It is Cooper S sixty years edition and it is prominent among others due to its paint at first. In the beginning, it was an economical option but now it is no more a cheap option for the buyers. The colour given to the anniversary model has not been used before so it is unique in this sense.

The roof is black and inside the cabin, you get a touch of luxury with leather upholstery and 8.8 inches screen on the dashboard. It is the largest in this segment and you surely enjoy the infotainment system on such a big screen. You also have satellite navigation facility on it and connectivity through Apple Car-Play and Bluetooth.

Among other facilities, you get wireless charging of you your cell phone. In this way, this MINI has some big features for you. LED lights for front and rear are standard so you get every feature in an improved form.

It has a turbocharged petrol engine of 2.0-litre capable of producing 189bhp which is commendable for such a small car. It has eight-speed transmissions which function automatically and let you enjoy driving more than keep you engaged in changing gears.

As environmental concerns are higher than ever

Steering is good as it allows you to handle the car with precision and reacts as you want it to. The wheel in hands can be a little less weighty to make the control more commendable. It is a three-door car and reaches to 100 miles per hour speed mark in just 6.7 seconds so it is quicker than you expect.

Top speed of the car is 145mph and fuel economy is claimed at 39.8 miles per gallon. As environmental concerns are higher than ever before so carbon emission figure is also worth mentioning which is 129g/km.

With front-wheel-drive configuration, the car satisfies with its strong performance. When you look at the dimensions of the car it is taller, longer and wider than earlier ones so you will have more space inside. The four-cylinder engine has 280Nm torque and this figure suggests that it is more thrilling than before.

The punchy engine gives the vehicle required momentum

The standard infotainment system has been replaced with the new one and driver and passenger at the front will have sport seats wrapped in leather. The punchy engine gives the vehicle the required momentum and lets the vehicle move with greater agility.

Seats at the rear can be folded to have space for luggage. Persons on the rear seats do not have ample legroom particularly when their height is six feet. Brakes work perfectly and you feel confident while making the vehicle run faster on city roads.

Another thing MINI Cooper makes you confident while driving it, is a fantastic grip. It is rightly tagged as a light, nimble and hot hatch of the present time. The car is specifically admired for its driving performance within the city and with its small body, it can be parked easily in most places.

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