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Renault Trafic, Most Favourite European Van

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Renault Trafic engines replacement
Posted on 1 Jan 20

Efficient engines with comfortable cabin and utility on the high

Renault has put all the effort into making this formula a winning one. But the company is still underway making improvements to make it a better work vehicle. These days the vans have advanced making things in the cabin comfortable and useful.

The exterior is unchanged as before. The boxy looks give the impression that there is good space inside for loading goods. The front has been given a square shape and the slightly oval headlights complement each other very well.

There is a side door as well as a back door which is good when it is used as a load carrier or as a passenger carrier. The cabin has got modern touches in it. The seats are comfortable and everything sits exactly where the driver wants it to.

There are other features inside that give a cosy feel and relax the driver also. Engines are also very capable of carrying any load. Renault Trafic engines replacement is going to impress you like the original.

And an additional advantage is that these are affordable. Engines got revised to make them suit the Euro 6 standards. So with the economy now the engines are environmentally friendly.

Engine upgrade

There was a 1.6-litre diesel engine on offer before 2019. It has been replaced with a 2.0-litre diesel engine to meet the present emission legislation. This engine is present in different guises which are 120, 145 and 170.

These respectively produce 118 bhp, 143 bhp and 170 bhp. These engines are economical and technology makes them even more fuel savers. There is the start/stop system that works quietly and you get money saved. The Eco mode has been revised and it is now again present in the van.

Pressing this button will make your vehicle throttle sooth down so that there can be a check on these. The dashboard has lights to indicate if you are in the wrong gear and the vehicle is heavy. This also makes the engine soak less fuel as the driver has to change the gear when the light turns from green to yellow and then red.

These useful technologies are very important when a van is going to be used for business purposes. Renault Trafic engines rebuild is going to be a great help when the engine broke down.

Driving this van is a fine practice

There is a manual gearbox standard throughout the range. But there is also an automatic transmission which makes the driving even more relaxed. This option is available for the 145 and 170 DCi forms.

The ride and handling have become more refined now. This was the aspect absent before but the recent upgrade brought this change. Turning the vehicle is not much problem now as there is more work done on this feature.

Renault engines for sale make the driving more worry-free as there is an option present to replace the troubling part instead of replacing the whole vehicle. Whether the vehicle is loaded or not loaded the steering is accurate.

Before this update, the vehicle felt floating and harsh while landing but now it has become more surefooted. There is also enough sound-deadening materials used for the vehicle to make the cabin peaceful devoid of engine and rod noises but still wind noise is there.

Merging modern and working environment

New features added have made the cabin car-like. But there is still the working environment present and it is necessary also. Practicality is the most demanded thing when it comes to a commercial van.

So the modern features do make things feel upmarket but the interior cabin is still tough and reliable. There is a good legroom inside and three people can be seated with ease. The storage spaces are in good numbers plus a fold-down table with the driver seat to place the laptop or do any paperwork on the go.

There is even the space for storing laptop safely. There is also a smartphone cradle on the dashboard to keep your mobile on the site always. Bluetooth is also standard for all the trim levels. USB 12V sockets that can also be used for charging are also present. This can be added to the loading area also.

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