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The Brand Presenting Variety in Mercedes Sprinter

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Mercedes Sprinter
Posted on 10 Sep 18

Something standing separate from its luxury line but extremely helpful

Mercedes is a well-known name in the car industry always impressing the blue-collar buyer with its magnificence. But now, what happened is that not long ago the Sprinter is introduced and it contains car-like equipment along with many variants in the body style. It is a solely commercial use van with Cargo, Crew and Passenger configurations. So, it can serve the purpose for any of these uses literally. The new Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Engines is there to cover many aspects which are necessary for big vans and all this is present in class.

Most of the things in this new range is like the old one but advanced technology makes it different from its predecessor. There are both rear and front wheel drives available and in them, there are lots of variations which can be availed for personalisation. The new updated Sprinter is going to be in the market in 2019. With a tough competition, this van range is doing a great job providing lots of choices to the buyer.

Engines carry the load decently

There are two engines available for Sprinter; a 2.1-litre four-cylinder and a 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine. The first one comes in three variants and the second one is offered for the first time ever in a van range. Then there is a front wheel drive is offered which makes the floor lower for loading purpose. There is also an option of four-wheel drive (FWD) on selected trims.

The six-speed manual gearbox is present as standard. There is an option of 7GTronic auto for the rear-wheel drive models and for FWD there is a new nine-speed torque converter auto which improves efficiency and performance.

The Salient Features

One thing good about Sprinter is that there are used Mercedes Sprinter Engines present in the market easily. For those who do not want to spend more this is a very good option. Companies have Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Engines for sale in reasonable prices and good conditions. The experts know how a top of the line engine should be reconditioned and take special care in doing so. For other things, an electric power steering is present for more accessibility to the road and more turning angles. And the good thing is that it is lighter than before. Then there is a system called Distronic adaptive cruise control which is capable of imposing a full stop to the vehicle before it is ready to be on the road again. The diesel engines are more refined now making less noise.

It is easy to handle the large van

The handling side is really good never making you feel the big load in shape of the weight of its body. Steering makes it easy on turns feeling like a small car. There are no jerky shifts experienced while in manual gear change or automatic transmission. When there is a long and large van under consideration, a poor rear axle attached to it occasionally disturbs the cab on even minor bumps. But this is not the same in a Sprinter. The suspension is designed to keep everything comfortable inside without any disturbance from the rear side.

Interior space and technology

The interior has been raised in its standard than before. There is hard plastic still present but the cabin is more noise resistant than before. The dashboard is also well managed and the higher spec models get a touch of soft plastic for making the cabin class.

If you go for the electric seat adjustment then there are controls situated on the doors for easy access. This feature is taken from the Mercedes car range. The touch screen functions can be controlled through the multi-functional steering. The space inside is according to the trim level you choose and the variations that come with it. With high roof option and lower floor the load capacity increases even more. The van is able to carry heavy loads if not more volumes and it is different according to the trim levels.

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