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2015 Seat Leon X-Perience 2.0 TDI Blends Practicality with Off-Road Ability

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Seat Leon X-Perience
Posted on 28 Mar 15

2015 SEAT Leon blends practicality of an estate with the off-road ability


The SEAT Leon X-Perience is nearly an SUV that mixes the features of an estate with the off-road ability of an SUV. It offers a lot of practicality in a single package and includes a four wheel drive feature with improved ground clearance for best off-road ability. It utilises the usefulness of standard Leon ST estate.


There are several other things that the new model offers and might be chosen when they needed. The optional features include a DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission and 181 Bhp SEAT Leon engine from 2.0 litre diesel. Both engine and dual clutch transmissions are only available in a pair.


High riding nature of the new Leon offers more body roll through corners than you would get in a standard Leon ST. It doesn’t have an impact on normal driving and has a light steering and gives plenty of confidence while on the move.

It clocks 7.1 seconds to reach the 62mph mark. Under hard acceleration conditions, this engine performs very smoothly and gives rapid progress.


At motorway speeds, a bit of road noise can be heard. Lower power versions and this engine have one common factor, carbon emissions are the same and it emits 129g/km of CO2. The officially claimed fuel economy is 57.6mpg on average.

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