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Posted on 19 Nov 16

Seat Alhambra

Among latest multipurpose vehicles Seat Alhambra claims a prominent place as it is quite magnificently well loaded with user-friendly features. A sporty touch adds up a good appeal for the buyers and being cheaper comes up as one of the very few top options when one thinks of new vehicle this year.

Smart but heavy look, capacity of seven passenger and highly functional car is now placed in many showrooms. Engine noise very low especially at low speed and interior quite close to a luxury limo so does the ride make it a ferry of dreams. With parking sensor it is rather easy to park it without any damage as the body is quite bulky.

Drivers’ seat is quite comfortable for every type of person sitting on it. With all these plus points it is very easily called a successful production of the company that already has attracted many customers from all over the globe. Looking for a family car with sporty features? This car is your answer.

Four Efficient Engines and Different Fuels

This MPV is available in range of thrifty engines so worries are quite less. Six direct shift gearbox is there in 168bhp 2.0 TDI special edition luxury model. It is the top one in the range and has all the best of the season.

The other one is 2.0 litre Patrol engine with a growling sound to inspire power and speed. Rest of the four are 148bhp 1.4 TSI patrol and 114bhp 2.0 TDI Eco-motive are particularly designed to surpass economy of competitors. With all these six speed manual transmissions are standard but can be upgraded to DSG.

Interior of the Car is nowhere less than a top luxury car

The car has direct competition with those manufacturers that do not compromise on exterior and comfort while offering a utility automobile to their clients. So keeping in view the tough situation a good product has been launched by Seat.

A very attractive dashboard has been waiting for driver and passenger in front seat that is laden with modern technology. Use of excellent material for interior has pushed it further on list of luxury cars.

Rear Seat Transformation

Optional rear seat transformation into seats for kiddies is also welcomed by families. From all perspectives it is substantially improved from previous version of the same.

When the car is loaded fully you may miss the claimed torque but it happens as a normal feature. Price is less than other but when you get it on instalments then it may not make a difference but full payment certainly prove it a cheaper one.

Sporty Suspension

Whatever the way you opt to own it the car would remain good worth of cost. Even in large size the look is sporty that seduce those who are very much concerned with design of body of their conveyance.

Speed is good with 18-inch wheel and sporty suspension allows you to avoid bumps and depressions on the road. By any comparison the vehicle is a good choice for multi-purpose vehicle.

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