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Ford S-Max Now Comes With a Range of Updated Engines

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Ford S-Max
Posted on 12 Jul 19

It can be easily categorized as a utilitarian plus sports character motor vehicle

Ford S-Max does not fall into the category of the boring people carrier van. It is a sibling to Galaxy which is larger and has more space inside. S-Max, on the other hand, is the best one to choose when you want to transport to entertain your family for a perfect holiday.

The exterior is made with blended lines in the effort to give it a more friendly and peaceful look. But still, there is a particular styling present to avoid that all in all boxy looks. S-Max and Galaxy are one of its kinds and are the category leaders rather than only a part of it, meaning that they have a category of their own having no other vehicle of its kind.

Basically, these structures were designed to give people something different from the van category. You want space for your family in case of S-Max or to use it as a light commercial transport (Galaxy) there are both possibilities present. The interior has car-like touches and the platform on which it is now built is that of the Mondeo in the successful try to give more sophistication.

There is a clean and tidy layout inside making it practical and reliable when kids are on board. Ford S-Max engines have an upgraded version now and some new ones are also added. The Ford S-Max replacement engines does not decrease the charm and give an original feel to the driver.

Diesel and petrol engines

To make things more applicable there is a good range of diesel and petrol engines available. For a much-improved performance, these are upgraded and two new ones introduced. Talking about the petrol burners the new one over here is the 1.5-litre Eco-Boost having a power generation of 160 hp with a 240 Nm torque and it covers o-62 mph in 9.9 seconds having a six-speed manual transmission.

The other 2.0-litre Eco Boost has 240 bhp and there is a six-speed automatic transmission as the only one. It gives a timing of 8.4 seconds. The diesel being more in demand due to efficiency as well as economy come with the same capacity. The 2.0-liter TDCi engines with three versions and a bi-turbo form.

The starting one has a 120 hp and a torque of 310 Nm, taking the time of 13.4 seconds for the above-mentioned distance. Up next is the 150 hp giving a torque of 350 Nm with choices of manual and automatic transmission taking 10.8 seconds.

180 hp is the last one for simpler form having a torque of 400 Nm with the timing of 9.7 seconds for manual and 9.5 seconds for an automatic transmission. The bi-turbo version comes with 210 hp and 450 Nm. It is the fastest one with the timing of 8.8 seconds.

The handling makes it more attractive

Driving a big vehicle is not an easy thing to do. But the mechanics make it seem much smaller when you get behind the wheel. Another important feature is that there is a very less body roll present as it is expected from this category. The choice of AWD gives more grips to the tires.

Comfort level is increased and the fun part has decreased to give a more stable ride for the families. The suspension works well to keep the movement of S-Max in control and keep the cabin peaceful. It soaks up bumps and sudden surface disturbances. Cabin is also kept noiseless and simple. Ford engines supply and fitting service give an edge to the convenience factor.

Cabin features

The interior is kept practical and does not interfere in the freedom of occupants; this also makes the cabin more reliable. There are no sliding doors but the car like openings make it look like one which is intended by the carmaker. Seating remains good till the second row but the third one cramps things up especially for the headroom.

There is a load of head and legroom for the first two rows. Storage space is great facilitating the passengers to get rid of hand carries and be relaxed. Boot space is 285 litres when all the three rows in place. Fold the third row and it becomes more, folds the second row and its further increase.

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