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If Rolls-Royce can offer an SUV then No wonder if Thunder Power beat Tesla

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Posted on 12 Sep 15


Rolls-Royce is coming with something impressive but don’t to ignore a new-born automobile brand “Thunder Power” for its cool electric cars.


Will Rolls-Royce Dawn capture the heart and minds of SUV lovers?

The Rolls-Royce SUV has the quite magnificent look and provides entire new horizon to driving!

The coming SUV by Rolls-Royce is huge and quite impressive, it will write a new history of the brand, according to automotive experts. The Rolls-Royce dawn has an elegant interior with the four-seater convertible.


The design director Giles Taylor of Rolls-Royce argued, it was challenging for the company to come up with such brand as it required slight variation from its existing brand portfolio, but Rolls-Royce Dawn will go beyond customers’ expectation with its versatility of styles and elegant look.


The design director said, it was a challenge to give a sleek elegance look to keep the deck as low as possible while hovering the hood down. Once this all gets right, the design gets smooth and perfect for Rolls-Royce Dawn. There are extensive engineering efforts being made to make it incredibly refined and luxurious car. It has 6.6-litre turbo V12 engine, one of the powerful and luxurious car on earth will cost you £250,000.


Do you think Thunder power will be able to compete with Tesla?

A release image of the electric car by Thunder Power shows some cool features!

It is really uncommon in the automobile industry, a car brand makes a news headline which has no earlier history of automotive success. Thunder power is living example of it. The new automobile brand seems rival of a Taiwanese Tesla. The automobile brand is planning to give tough competition to Tesla Model S with its electric car.


Tesla trounce will have the public debut at Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 whereas Thunder Power electric models will be presented in the 2017 European release. As the models are undergoing testing in Milan and the project is headed by former Bugatti technician Dr Peter Tutzer. Thunder power seems to bring its electric models based on “European Engineering” with classified Italian designs.


The released image shows stylish front grille and headlight combination, but unsure about the models with these specific designs.


The Thunder power electric car will produce a power of 430bhp, while the batteries have enough electric power for a 373-mile range and from zero-62mph will be attained in less than 5 seconds. The thunder power electric car will achieve a top speed of 155mph. Although these are not the magic numbers in the automobile world, but quite impressive numbers from a start-up company.


Thunder power electric cars will be available at the price of £40,000. This is all the information available publicly about the new born automobile brand. But keep visiting this page for further detail.



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