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New Nissan ‘IDx’ Coupe Gets Design Updates

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Nissan IDX Concept
Posted on 2 Sep 14

Nissan is to give IDx the looks and muscularity of GT-R and a couple of tweaks to spice of the joyride   Nissan is highly devoted to beat Toyota GT-86 and not to let it run away with any of its styling lines; the Japanese automaker is working rigorously on its rear wheel drive muscle […]

Meet the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Guard Armoured Limousine

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Mercedes-Benz S-Guard
Posted on 6 Aug 14

Mercedes-Benz Reveals S-Class S-Guard, capable to Withstand Attack from Bullets, Grenades and Gases. So, feel safe if you are planning on visiting battle field   It is the latest Guard Armoured Vehicle from Mercedes-Benz and placed above the ML-based M-Guard, G-Class and G-Guard, the new S-Class is the toughest and safest Mercedes yet with the […]

5 Cool Things About the Volkswagen GTI

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Volkswagen GTI Performance
Posted on 22 Jul 14

Volkswagen GTI 2015 has arrived in the market and local roads and if you are one of those who love the GTI then you will keep your eyes open to see the GTI in action at local roads, car shows and events. If get a chance to drive the beauty and inspect in person, you […]

Toyota’s Facelifted Yaris Goes On Sale

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New Toyota Yaris
Posted on 2 Jul 14

It is priced from £10,995 and set to arrive in August   The facelifted Toyota Yaris has gone on sale for upwards of £10,995 ahead of hitting showrooms this August. Prices rise to £17,695 for the range-topping Yaris Excel Hybrid. There’s new specification levels, improved tech and more equipment options, all of which is designed […]

Range Rover Sport Will Show Its 543 Horses At Goodwood

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Range Rover Sport
Posted on 30 Jun 14

Known as the fastest and most powerful production car by Land Rover, Range Rover Sport will be showing what it’s capable of doing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed   The Goodwood Festival of Speed is going to be the venue where we are going to behold the Range Rover Sport make its debut. This […]

Ferrari 458 Italia Gets 670HP Engine

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Ferrari 458 Italia
Posted on 24 Jun 14

Ferrari is one of the big sellers and admired for sports cars, it gets a refresh before a full-on replacement.   Ferrari 458 Italia has grown five years old now but still it stays as leader in the market share. The 458 is receiving an exquisite refresh pretty soon to keep its rightful place intact […]

Man Gifts Second Ever Delivered BMW F80 M3 to His Wife

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BMW F80 M3 Gifted
Posted on 18 Jun 14

The official deliveries of BMW F80 M3 have not begun yet as they are scheduled for July this year. But only two of the lucky buyers have somehow managed to get one and are now enjoying their very first M3s   Abu Dhabi has now become the most adored place on planet earth as the […]

Ferrari 458 Speciale Records Its First Crash

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Crashed
Posted on 16 Jun 14

Ever since the Ferrari 458 Speciale has been made, this crash is believed to be the first incident recorded.   Almost every one of us has dreamt, at least once, in our life to have a Ferrari 458 Speciale in our driveway. We can’t possibly imagine having even a scratch on it, but one unfortunate […]

BMW 2-Series 2015 Likely to Get xDrive

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BMW 2-series With xDrive
Posted on 9 Jun 14

BMW 2-Series will receive some exclusive updates in 2015 and one of them is BMW’s xDrive all wheel drive system   Recently BMW has released its list of changes in its 2015 line up and it’s mostly comprised of inferior changes to entire packages. Some of them consist of changes in pricing or colour trims […]

The X-Trail Has Arrived In UK

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Nissan X-Trail 2014
Posted on 2 Jun 14

Since May 17, the New Nissan X-Trail is available in UK and the Price starts from £22,995   Nissan has launched the new model of X-Trail which is now open for sale in UK since May 17. The entry-level model in Visia trim is available in £22,995 which comes in 2WD five-seat; this price is […]

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