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What Does World’s First Ferrari Truck Look Like?

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The Ferrari 412 Truck Wood Panel
Posted on 28 May 14

If you ask anyone of having seen a Ferrari truck, the answer would definitely be: “Are you crazy or what? Ferrari does not make trucks.” Yes true, but no! It did happen recently, where? Find out‼ Could you recall of seeing any Ferrari truck ever? Or let’s just ask anyone out there whether they have […]

What If the Roads Get Solar Panels Fitted On

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Solar Panel on Road
Posted on 26 May 14

To eliminate the concern of loosing land to create solar farms, new solution is to use roads to fit in solar panels, U.S. would be the first to get it done   The world is trying to harvest energy from every possible known source, their elements may vary but the purpose stays the same. Solar […]

Why Rolls Royce Is Considering An All-Electric Vehicle

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Rolls-Royce Phantom 102EX
Posted on 21 May 14

If that’s what our customers want, they will get it, says Rolls-Royce   Rolls-Royce is the name of ultimate luxury and state-of-the-art technology, with supreme engines and excellent interior; there is nothing that would not make you fall in love with it. As the world is looking for efficient and eco-friendly energy sources, hybrids are […]

Brabus Has Done It Again – Mercedes E63 With A Mighty 850 HP Engine

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2014 Brabus 850
Posted on 19 May 14

No one can do what Brabus can   Whenever you look for a super saloon, the only car that is ever going to pop is the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. With its already powerful Mercedes-Benz engine was a handful but if you are still not happy and want some more power, let Brabus take care of […]

After Onyx, Exalt Concept is Here to Drive Your Imagination Wild

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Peugeot Exalt
Posted on 6 May 14

Peugeot has been into good graces by producing some real smart and smaller models that are somewhat attractive and lightweight like the 208 and 308 and proved to be very successful. Most of its other model range is not very popular and the facelifts too aren’t good enough, their production cars are not great but […]

Trion Nemesis – America’s Next Supercar Gets A 2000hp Engine

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Trion Nemesis 2000hp
Posted on 29 Apr 14

Next generation Nemesis will be powered by a mighty 2000-hp V8 engine and it is about to be launched     Supercars are fascinating us for quite some time now, offering power, speed and extraordinary drive experience. This segment has a great potential and a lot of work can be done here, exploring this potential […]

Alfa Romeo 4C Returns to United States at New York Auto Show 2014

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Alfa-Romeo-4C 2014
Posted on 22 Apr 14

For more than 19 years American waited for Alfa Romeo and it made its comeback with 4C   It was 19 years ago when the last transport carrying a bulk load of unsold 164s departed the New York dock, then an executive said: “We will return next year!” Well it did return to the shores […]

The nightmare is over! Thanks to Volvo for inflatable child seat

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Posted on 18 Apr 14

This advanced hi-tech seat has Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to control a wide range of features in the inflatable seat   If you are a parent who get to carry a child in the child seat, knows how hard it is to get it to your car as it is mostly difficult and hulking, […]

Meet the Best diesel engine of 2014! Its 2.0L TDI from Chevrolet

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2014 Chevrolet Cruze RS
Posted on 10 Apr 14

The 2.0 L turbo diesel DOHC l4 engine is awarded as one of the Best Diesel Engines of 2014 from Chevrolet   Fuel economy is one of the biggest challenges that drivers are facing and automakers are working day and night to come up with an improved and efficient fuel solution. WardsAuto is presenting awards […]

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